Hey! My name is Misha! But you can call me Meesh!

Aww, how sweet! You want to know more about me? Thanks love bug! lol jk! but really, thanks for stopping by! I was born in Palo Alto, California on June 5, 1996. Two months after that day, my parents, older brother Mycah, and I moved to Oahu where my dad is originally from. I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Oahu is perfect. A year after that, my brother, Braiden, was born. Then two years after that, Giscelle, my little sister, entered the world. And surprise! Fifteen years later, little Emet was born. Alright, you’re caught up on all the siblings. They are honestly my best friends but you’ll hear more about them later. Haha! We created a beautiful life in Wahiawa – doing ministry as a family, laughing, and finding joy in what little we had. Eventually we moved to Mililani (Central Oahu) and continued to build an amazing life. We’ve accomplished a lot as a family and I’m so proud to be a Rosario. We planted a church in Haleiwa, we released our very first worship EP, and the blessings keep coming. I truly believe life is good not because of the good things that happen to you, but because of the good people you allow to share it with! And I have to say, my life is filled with the most amazing people.
Fashion, art, adventure, and my faith would be the four words that came to mind when asked to describe my passions. I’m a very creative, artistic, spontaneous soul who pursues her God with all her heart. There is always that one person in your life that you go to for fashion advice, right? Well, that person is me for everyone in my life! And I LOVE it! I’ve always had an interest in art and I feel fashion is another form of art because its something you can create thats unique to who you are. Other art forums that I love include drawing, water colors, and oil paints! But lately, I’ve been extremely passionate about photography. Anyone can take a picture…but a person with a passion sees the picture before its taken. And the beautiful thing about a photo is that it can be used as a return ticket to a moment from the past. Every picture has a story and I’m writing a novel. I’m just a girl with a camera inspired by her creator. With photography, naturally, comes the love of travel and adventure. There is so much this world has to offer and its only a matter of time before I travel to each corner of this beautiful planet – meeting new friends, seeing new places, and capturing every moment with my camera. Yes, I’m passionate about all these things but I would be nothing without my God and thats my main passion, sharing Him to the world. He has made me who I am today: a confident, compassionate, ambitious woman of grace anchored in grit. He gives me purpose.

Let this blog not only be a place where we can relate through fashion, art, and common lifestyles, but also be a place to be encouraged, to speak life, and to find and feel God.

I’d love to hear about your life, personal testimony, any struggles that I can pray for, and any praise reports I can rejoice in with you! Let me know them!

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Thanks for reading!