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Spring 2018 Trends

Fashion on a budget Pt. 1

Hey what’s up hello!! Welcome back! Today, I’m coming at you with a fashion post! My favorite! I wanted to share with you some of my favorite adds to my closet for the Spring. I’ve noticed that the 4 items I see most on Pinterest are red with white polka dots, gingham print, peasant style pieces and straw crossbody bags! I love all of these trends! SO. I went out and got some stuff. But what’s amazing is majority of these things I got from Ross! Yes. Ross! Being a dental assistant, I don’t make enough to shop at high end places like Anthropology, Urban Outfiters or Free People. I WISH. BUT NO. So I want to show you how you can get the same style for way cheaper! You can achieve any look you want! All you got to do is search for the treasures amongst the unorganized racks at the cheaper places. But in my opinion, that’s fun! You’ll never know what you’ll find. Let’s get started! Here is how I would style these trends!

Outfit 1 – Peasant Boho Dress

mishakanani photography



This is my most recent purchase and I’m obsessed. Boho is my vibe. I saw this at Ross and I knew it was coming home with me. This is a boho inspired peasant style tunic dress. The print reminds me of something you’d find at Anthropology. It’s by the brand, As U Wish and it was $10.99!

My little brown straw crossbody bag is a hand-me-down! I found it in my grandma’s closet. She actually got it in Baguio City in the Philippines! This bag is probably older than me! Lol! Just a tip, never turn down a hand-me-down. Those are just someone else’s treasures finding a new purpose and becoming another’s treasure! You can DIY pieces to suit your style more. It’s so fun and so beautiful and some of my favorite pieces were given to me from someone else!

My earrings are from Walmart! I got them for only $4! Not kidding! Its just a gold metal plate with  3 little white pom-poms attached it it. They should still be in stock so be sure to pick yourself up a pair of these cute boho earrings!

Last but not least, I topped it off with these cute lacey sky blue heals from Ross ages ago! But they are still good and really comfortable. I was able to walk around town in them and my calves didn’t hate me after. Haha!




Outfit 2 – Minnie Mouse Chic



I thought this one was really cute too. It made me want to go to DisneyLand cause I was totally channeling my inner Minnie Mouse vibes. Haha! So the next trend that I’ve seen on Pinterest is this red with white polka dot pattern. I usually see dresses with this print, especially at Forever 21! But I saw this at Ross and thought it was a total steal! It’s kind of like a wrap top style with little lace detailing at the sleeve and a bow at the waistline to tie this classy look all together. It’s by the brand, OLM and it was $9.99! Thank you, Jesus!

I paired this vibrant, girlie blouse with a plain white cami underneath to cover up the girls a bit, a classic pair of blue denim with this cool zipper detailing at the ankle, and some clog sandals I stole from my momma’s closet. Those are by the brand, Uggs. 

For my accessories, I wanted to keep it simple and classy to match this timeless blouse so I stuck with these gold circle earrings and gold circle necklace  I got from H&M up in Portland. I layered that necklace with my simple gold “best friends” bar necklace I always wear. I went with gold because of the brown tone from my purse. This was also from my grandma’s closet! Because of the warm tones from the straw material, I felt gold matched perfectly and it tied in with the warm, bright, red tone from the top as well as the gold detailing from the shoes.

mishakanani photography



mishakanani photography


Okay, call me a rookie, but I had no clue what this print was called until about a week ago. haha!

I decided to take a casual twist with this top! This blouse is so flattering; the way it singes a bit at the waistline accentuates all the right curves, honey! This blouse is by the brand, Kontrol and I also got it from Ross for only $7.99! Just a tip – if you’re shopping in Ross, be sure to check the clearance rack, too! I learned this while I was working as a sales associate at TJMaxx a few years ago. Sometimes, the same clothing comes in different shipments so some of the same items get marked down at different times. In order to get products moving constantly throughout the store, depending on how long something has been there, it will get marked down. Clearance doesn’t always mean there is something wrong with the item. Maybe it was just there for a longer period of time. That or… someone messed up with the mark downs. HAHA. So I grabbed this blouse originally from the normal priced racks and it was $10.99. But I checked the clearance rack and found it again but for $7.99! You best know I snatched the cheaper one. Haha!

I paired this with my same denim jeans with the zipper detailing and some chetah print flats to bring the look alive and make it a little more bold and fun. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns! Let me know if you want a post about mixing patterns. I’d love to explain to you what I mean! Because of the mix patterns, I decided to let those do the talking and take a different turn and go simple with the jewelry. So I’m just wearing the same gold circle earrings and necklace from H&M. To tie this causal look together, I added a brown backpack because those are timeless, fashionable and can hold literally everything you need! The gold from the jewelry tied in well with the gold detailing in the backpack as well as the warm brown tones from the backpack and the shoes.



Okiedokies, there you have it! That is how I like to style these Spring trends! Fashion is a form of art because it’s another form of expression. I believe you can rock anything if styled the right way! Don’t let print or color intimidate you! Fashion is all about pushing boundaries and stepping outside of your comfort zone to try new things, new styles, and different fits to see what suits you best!

So what outfit did you like best? What other things are trending in the fashion world? What’s your favorite Spring trend this year? Are you excited to try any of these out for yourself? Let me know!! Let’s chat about it, love bug!

As always, thank you so much for reading! I enjoyed this first fashion post and if you did too, please let me know and share it with your fashion-loving buddies! Hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time!





  1. Carl Carlmark
    March 24, 2018 / 2:46 pm

    Heh glamorous “ it’s not the clothes that sell them selfs it’s the model that defines its value” K.C.;)

  2. LilTurtle
    March 28, 2018 / 12:17 am

    OMGoodness! Yesssss! I love Ross (one of my favorite stores)! Love your style, Misha, and your tips are so great! Please do more of these fashion posts! Thank you <3 ~Lil

  3. Kalani
    April 2, 2018 / 7:15 pm

    Wow you are FABULOUS. LOVE

    • mishakanani
      April 11, 2018 / 7:18 pm

      Thanks sis!! YOU ARE! <3

  4. John
    April 11, 2018 / 1:54 am

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